Movement and life can be a source of pleasure again.

I know you’re ready for change. You no longer want to feel at the mercy of your body. You’ve had it with missing out on life + health, with family and friends--or the movement goals you’ve set for yourself. Most of all, you still have hope and a resolve to be free of restriction, once and for all. I can help.

My work draws deeply on the pioneering principles of the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, paired with my extensive training and teaching in movement sciences, psychology, and anatomy.


Postural and Movement issues that lead to stress and pain, including:
Hand, arm, neck, and shoulder issues
Upper and lower back pain
Sacro-iliac (SI) joint pain
Knee, hip, and ankle pain/ Sports injuries
Arthritis and Tendonitis
Balance difficulties-- learning how to fall
Chronic and migrating pain- Transforming Pain into Pleasure

Reach Your Potential:

Elite Performers
Athletes, Coaches, and Personal Trainers
Dancers + Musicians
Vocal Artists + Public Speakers

Change Your Age:

Anti-Exercise for the Older and Wiser
Sample lesson: Freeing Your Middle Back

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