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Meet Dr. Wildman

I have undergraduate degrees in biology and dance, a doctorate in somatic psychology, along with decades of expertise in physiology and the evolution of motion. I’ve long been smitten by the way not only our bodies, but our movement (including the good, the bad, and the ugly) can be traced to the way we evolved as a species. My research and insights in this area have fueled my hands-on care.

I’ve had a longtime private movement practice in Berkeley, California, and derive great satisfaction from seeing my clients embrace movement and life again, as their function and agility is restored. I have worked with people of all ages, occupations, and physical abilities--including doctors, dancers, athletes, artists and musicians. My work in the world is embodied science: I blend theory and proven methods with touch to impact people’s bodies and lives.

I’ve led four-year professional trainings all over the world, including the US, Italy, France, Japan, and Australia. Leadership positions include  Founder and Educational Director of the Berkeley-based Movement Studies Institute. The author of three books on movement and The Intelligent Body® series of CDs and DVDs, I am renown for bringing the practical applications of my work to the medical community in the areas of pain, agility, and physical therapy--including the well-received back care program I created for the University of California Berkeley Extension. I’ve also worked with the Australian Olympic team, and retired professional athletes.

In addition to my mentor and friend Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, I’ve had the good fortune to study and work with Anna Halprin, creator of dance theater; Stanley Keleman, creator of formative psychology; Gene Gendlin, developer of Focusing; and Will Schutz, regarded as the founder of the human potential movement.