I can help you let go of the pain or limitation that’s challenging you.

As a movement specialist, I help folks like you let go of the pain (or limitation) that’s resisted other treatment. And I can do this, because through my 1:1 hands-on work, I help you learn your way out from where you are.

What I know about you:

You’re frustrated having tried “every known cure and therapy,” and sigh at explaining your entire history to one more practitioner.

Your criteria for care. You’re ready to work with a practitioner who can:

--Explain why things are happening in your body, and work with you in a way that’s effective, empathetic, subtle, and precise.
--Provide hands-on work and verbal instructions that are clear.
--Make sense of your disparate symptoms.
--Offer a holistic approach, and knows that your knee pain has to do with your ankle and hip as well as your knee.
--Focus their wealth of tools and skills on alleviating the lost function that’s been defining you for too long.
--Create a new approach to fitness.

The key to your improvement.

The key is helping you understand, through touch + insight, how your nervous system connects mind, movement, sensation, and emotion. Therapies that ignore this connection (and the root of your movement issues) can’t bring about the awareness and changes you need to create lasting results.

What a private lesson looks like.

When we work together, I’ll guide you through movements that allow you to release hidden movement habits and patterns (movement blind spots), for new healthy ones. Many of my private lesson clients experience positive, observable changes, including an increased range of movement and ease, within the first session. I’m working with human potential--helping you expand what you can do.

Private lessons take place in my studio-office, and you’ll wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement. I’ll support you with simple practices + complimentary take-home materials to continue improving between lessons.


Postural and Movement issues that lead to stress and pain, including:
Hand, arm, neck, and shoulder issues
Upper and lower back pain
Sacro-iliac (SI) joint pain
Knee, hip, and ankle pain/ Sports injuries
Arthritis and Tendonitis
Balance difficulties-- learning how to fall
Chronic and migrating pain

Reach Your Potential:

Elite Performers
Athletes, Coaches, and Personal Trainers
Dancers + Musicians
Vocal Artists + Public Speakers

You can have:

--a body organized to move in a way that feels pleasurable
--a freedom of movement that makes you look forward to bending, turning, reaching, sitting, standing or walking
--and holistic, coordinated changes that can happen when the mind, nervous system, and body of levers and weights (joints + muscles) are working in concert